The Secret Tooth Fairy Club 

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Kits

(Above: girl box with Tasha the Tooth Fairy) 

12 unique cards one for each tooth lost (Tooth 1-12). Each card has a unique message & original illustration of the tooth fairy and of course a pocket for the prize ($).  **Personalized kits have child's name printed on each card

12 silver "T" seals to close each card.

2 organza pouches - one for your child to put his/her teeth in and one to keep inside the club box for collected teeth.

A complete instruction booklet which includes a tooth log to keep track of dates and the "going rate" for each tooth.

The Secret Tooth Fairy Club
provides all the tools necessary to make your
child's tooth fairy experience fun and magical.

No more rushing late at night or forgetting
what the tooth fairy paid for the last tooth. 
The Secret Tooth Fairy Club takes out the guess work. 
It makes the tooth fairy's job simple and fun.

All in one little box!