The Secret Tooth Fairy Club 

Tooth Fairy History

Not a Fairytale...

(1973 - Me, my dad Peter, & brother Brandon)

-D. Farnsworth
  Owner & co-creator

When I was a child, my dad knew all about the "secret" club.  As a matter of fact, he was the founding member.  He created rhymes and characters on a simple, white, business envelope that my brother and I looked forward to getting every time we lost a tooth.  He would stay up late thinking of something silly and meaningful to tell us through the "tooth fairy's" rhyme .  No matter how old we were, it made us laugh and created many fond memories.  As we grew older, we figured out his "secret".  I was so taken with his whimsy and dedication to this fun event that I continue this tradition today with my girls and hopefully with many other families, who like me and my dad, appreciate the joy of being a kid.

The Secret Tooth Fairy Club continues in his memory!

Fairy History
(a true fairytale)

Talon & Tasha come from a magical land named Tola.  Tola has never been seen by humans, but the tooth fairies can come to our world to collect the baby teeth of all the children to bring home to Tola.  They believe the strength of the baby teeth will protect their land.  In return, they leave each child a prize in exchange for their baby tooth.

Unfortunately, the world has grown so big that the tooth fairies can no longer do this job alone and have asked parents to help them on their quest. 

This club is for all the grown-ups that want to help out!

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