The Secret Tooth Fairy Club 

Tooth Fairy Fees


First tooth - $20 (Wow!) Fairies were in a really good mood that day!

First tooth
- $10 - took a really long time to fall out!

2nd - 4th
- $2 - $5 commonly reported

4th to last
- typically a $1 to $.50 cents


According to The Secret Tooth Fairy Club fairies fees for teeth are constatnly changing. 

Sometimes the fairies think a tooth is worth more because it took a really long time to fall out or it fell out before it's time.  Our tooth fairies have paid the big bucks for those teeth. 

Tooth fairies usually pay a few dollars more for the first few teeth and then after that pay a consistent fee for the remaining teeth.

One of Talon's favorite past times is to play in the Secret Tooth Fairy Club band.

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