The Secret Tooth Fairy Club 

Tooth Fairies

Talon, the tooth fairy, represents the boys. 
On his cards he does activities like soccer, baseball, fishing, skateboarding and many more.  He is a rough and tumble tooth fairy boy and love to try new things.

(left) -Tasha card #7 
(right) - Talon card #11

girl fairy    boy fairy    tooth fairy    the tooth fairy


The tooth fairies of the club are

and Tasha.  

With every lost tooth, the tooth fairies deliver a different poem written inside each card while doing an activity or sport.

Every card has the number of the tooth lost illustrated with Tasha or Talon, the tooth fairies.  This is so the parents/tooth fairies can stay organized and on top of their game.

Tasha, the tooth fairy, visits the girls.   
She strikes a pose on the ninth card (below). 
On Tasha's cards she does things like paint, pull a wagon, and fly on a cloud.  She is all girl and love to hang out with the other fairies and do fun, girl fairy things.